Welcome to Your Dentist in Canberra. This is a unique site developed by a retired Dentist who knows the Canberra Dental Community well. The site has been designed to highlight the fantastic Dental Practices in Canberra, so that you- presumably a resident of Canberra- can make an informed decision about which Dental Practice in Canberra will best meet your and your loved ones’ dental needs.

The first main section is the Locality Guide. Much like the Yellow Pages, this will help you to locate a great Canberra Dentist if you prefer to attend a Dental Practice located close to your home or workplace. You will, however, find that many of the practices have provided much more information than the Yellow Pages could ever provide!

Also included is a section that looks at the many different Types of Dentistry that are available in Canberra. From a dental check-up right through to an extreme smile makeover, there is a Dental procedure here for everyone. You can use this section to find out more about the procedure itself and to locate a Canberra Dentist who is able to provide this to your or your loved one.

Finally you will meet the local Dental Specialists. This section is broken into specialities. I hope you will enjoy meeting these fabulous people, who will provide superlative specialist care!

Please enjoy this site: use it as a resource, and mention it to family and friends!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, it will be welcomed: please complete a comment entry- and thank you in advance! Feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated, and will certainly help to make this site better and more responsive to the needs of the people of the Canberra region.

And please mention to your chosen Dentist that you found them at ‘Your Dentist in Canberra’!


Dr Jacki Kearslake (retired)